Made with love from Marbella


When buying clothes, you will always see the phrase "Made in.. [Country of Origin]" - rarely do you see the phrase "Made by...".

For us, the people behind the production of the clothing are just as important as where it is made in.

There's always a person and a story behind every piece from Virginia Macari. In our Atelier, we employ local artisans with years of experience, skill, and devotion to their craft with the aim of delivering the finest quality possible.

From design to production, to placing the final stitching on the corners of the neck label, all of our pieces pass through numerous pairs of talented hands. At the centre of each one, Lana overlooks the production of each and every piece with an unerring attention to accuracy and detail - one swimsuit at a time.

To our amazing team - Anna, Maria, Priscila, and Sebastiana, we are so grateful to have all of you.