Who makes my Cloths? Meet the people behind your garments.

From left to right meet Sebastiana, Anna, Priscila and Maria. We so grateful to have you.

Made with love in Marbella

When buying clothes, you are used to seeing the phrase “Made in… And the country of origin”. Rarely do you see the phrase “Made by….”. For us, who makes the clothing is just as important as where it is made from. 

There’s a person and a story behind every Virginia Macari bikini, swimsuit and dress. In our Atelier, we employ local artisans with years of experience, skill and devotion to the finest quality possible.

From design to production, to placing the final stitches on the corners of the neck label, our bikinis will pass through numerous pairs of talented hands. At the centre of each one, Lana overlooks the production of each and every piece with an unerring attention to accuracy and detail. One swimsuit at a time!

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It's about doing more good.

It is no secret that clothes are manufactured in the same way today than they were 60 years ago. Mass production, conspicuous waste and unethical labor laws are the hidden costs one has to pay in exchange for cheap garments. As a fashion company who strives to run a sustainable business, we have taken a different approach, built around 3 main principles :

  • We don’t mass produce
    Every article is handmade. We have very limited stock and no warehouses filled with unsold clothing. If a garment is not needed, it doesn’t get made.
  • Every garment is made at our atelier 
    And every design detail is carefully considered, allowing the garment’s quality and fit to take centre stage.
  • Ethical, passion and client’s satisfaction
    Our production team are selected based on an exceptional level of skill, an uncompromising dedication to good working environments, and a shared vision of improving every step of the production process, from material to finished garment.

Instead of seeing the pursuit of sustainability as a barrier, we choose to see it as inspiration for innovation and an opportunity for creating a way of making clothes that will inspire others. We are dedicated to being open about our challenges, successes and difficulties, and we hope you’ll be a part of this journey. 


Virginia Macari Team 

The Brand