Keeping up with the Kimono

Kimono, the traditional Japanese dressing gown has gone a long way since its introduction in the 17th century.  From being the daily wardrobe of Japanese women usually intended for rare outings, special occasions and formal events such as weddings, coming-of-age days, and tea ceremonies, the kimono has influenced modern fashion, music, film and popular culture.  Luxury fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint-Lauren, and Cristóbal Balenciaga are among many who have created their own homage to this classic piece whilst we’ve seen Madonna, Bjork and many celebrities donned it several times in their music videos.  The kimono is not exclusively for women though.  Obi wan Kenobi’s hooded kimono is as iconic as his Star Wars character.



Virginia Macari pays tribute to the beloved Japanese clothing in its collection of  silk and linen, giving it a fresh, sexy vibe that’s not only relegated to the bedroom but also to the poolside and by the beach!  Indulge in a bit of hedonistic luxury and transport yourself to a bygone era where femme fatale meets sun drenched leisure. Classy, feminine and un-constrained, the VM kimono is perfect for the sultry ladies oozing with sensuality.

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